Fireworks have now started

They may have started before this weekend but it was this weekend when I started to hear them go off. With a lack of firework stands so far (have you seen any?) and other factors I gather this year won’t be as noisy as the previous ones. The proof will be in the 4th of July pudding. The best way to describe 4th of July night ’round here is ‘crazy’. Smoke and noise and debris everywhere almost on every corner, kind of crazy.
Will there be on the off chance a quieter 4th? I’m not ready to bet on it, but if it is a bit more sedate with fewer neighborhood D.I.Y. shows competing with the big show on the Mall, I wouldn’t be surprised.

5 thoughts on “Fireworks have now started”

  1. We live on 1st and Rhode Island just east of Shaw and there was a family across the street setting off fireworks already at 9:30pm on Sunday night.

    I love the Fourth in DC, but I’d love to see a ban on fireworks to help control some of the craziness of all these amateurs and more importantly KIDS that are apparently allowed to handle the dangerous materials.

    Maybe a good compromise would be to allow use of fireworks in certain public parks in which fireworks are only sold that day at that location and regulated by licensed officials.

    Just a thought.

  2. i’ve lived in shaw over 15 years and nothing has changed when it comes to the 4th of july celebrations around here. i highly suggest you stay at your house and hose it down… just in case…

  3. This is why I get out of town for the 4th of July. Not only due to the crazy fireworks but just the massive amounts of people coming into the district for reverly.

  4. I lived in Bloomingdale last summer, and was shocked at the craziness on the 4th- especially trying to drive up 1st street at 10pm- and having to dodge stuff blowing up IN THE STREET! I’m in Cap Hill now, so we’ll see how this year goes. My plan is to be out of town though- and I’ll be doing a big rain dance on the 3rd. it just makes me sad to see all these people running around blowing things up. It feel destructive, not celebratory.

  5. It’s actually been kinda quiet on my block so far. We prefer genuine live ammunition sounds on the 400 block of Q, thank you very much.

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