NoMa Claiming TC space

Noma Trash Can
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Saturday when I was out and about I noticed NoMa work crews cleaning up the sidewalks around the NY Ave metro station. Not just there though, they also were in the TC cleaning. There are 4 blocks of NE Truxton (between FL, NY NE and N. Cap) that I tend not to care about as they are a parking lot, DDOT, the Wendy’s, and the block with issues. I’ve seen the NoMa uniformed people, and the NoMa tagged trash cans, like the one in the photo, in NE TC.
However, this Saturday I spotted them in NW TC, along the western side of North Capitol. They were sweeping and pulling up weeds.
Is this how neighborhood take overs start? With small troops of older men armed with brooms and scoops. Is territory marked with fancy trash cans? I like the trash cans.
Little matter, North Cap needs cleaning and since there is no North Cap BID (well not one that I know of) we welcome our Capitol Hill North NoMa overlords. May they bring us convienent shopping and quirky small regional chains or at least cleaner streets.

Map of NoMa territory
NoMa Website

5 thoughts on “NoMa Claiming TC space”

  1. rr446 is on to something. it goes like this – racist whites try to keep demographic changes out of their neighborhoods, and fail. they are displaced.

    then racist blacks in those same neighborhoods try to prevent change, and they fail.

    is leroy thorpe going to keep the winds of change from blowing through his neighborhood? he’s working -hard- at it! but i see little white babies in the ‘hood now, that can’t be good for the status quo.


  2. Don’t know about TC, but I just passed through LeDroit Park for the first time in a year, and instead of the “mixing pot” and “salad bowl” it was “vanilla ice cream”.

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