Dunbar High School Band Dinner Show

If I only knew where the heck my camera was I’d have pictures.
Whilst sitting around the house this afternoon enjoying a post dinner fattening sweet, I heard. No, felt, drums and brass. It sounded very close. It sounded like it was getting closer, so I poked my head out the door and discovered a pleasant surprise. There was a casually dressed marching band coming down my street. It was like a mini parade. The sound brought out a few of my neighbors who looked on the assemblage of dancers, flag girls, brass, wind, and percussion.
As an occasional, once in a while, mobile thing, it was quite nice.

2 thoughts on “Dunbar High School Band Dinner Show”

  1. I heard it all the way down on First & R, Mari! It was an awesome, wonderful, unexpected addition to the day. Makes me love living in DC.

  2. I live right across from the Dunbar field and a good number of afternoons during the school year, I hear and see them practicing on the field. It is a wonderful experience and makes the neighborhood come alive.

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