If you see me, give me .50c

There is research I can do for free, and nearly free. Following the chatter on the Eckington list about I went to look at the 1929 city directory for eye-talian names. Well, it cost me two quarters to get a sheet copied properly. I’m annoyed, ’cause that’s kinda pricey. I’m okay with a dime a copy, .15 cents a copy, but not a quarter a copy, especially when the copier cuts off a lot on the 1st try.
Anyway, I’m not listing all the names, nor am I scanning it anytime soon. But yes, there were Italians on North Capitol, if I go by names. There were some non-Italian names like Charles Quong, laundryman, at 1518 and H. Lee another laundryperson at 1412. But you want Italian examples. Don’t you? Ok. At 1410 N. Cap lived Carmelo Puleo, 1420 Venuto Salvatore, and at 1416 Fortunato Figliozzi, a barber. As far as I can tell the other two guys were shiftless unemployed layabouts.
Just as a tad of info if you’re looking at the 1930 census Mr. Quong is in the 42nd Enumeration district, page 11B, roll 293. Puleo or Pulis (as listed in 1930 census) is in enumeration district 39, and must have had some employment to take care of those 4 kids of his.