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Big O’ Berry
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Today I made a lemongrass tofu dish for dinner using peas growing in the yard. Drank it down with a glass of water with spearmint leaves from the front yard. For dessert I had chocolate pudding I made some time back (it really needed to get eaten before it went bad) topped with alpine strawberries freshly picked from the back yard.
The little patio tomatoes are hinting at flowers, and there is some basil in there somewhere. So I’m looking forward to a summer with tomato and pasta dishes.
I’m probably going to have to do arugula again, as the plants from the seeds I put down last month have bolted and are going to seed. So far I’m fine on salad greens. The tender leafy ones haven’t gone bitter yet and the little corn mache rosettes are coming in. The purslane is so-so right now.
Onions would be doing better if the seedlings were not periodically attacked by the G-d-dang squirrels. F’in’ tree rats.

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  1. How about some recipes, please? Typical starting ingredients would be those found in a back yard…

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