Dirt on the Dollar Store

Dollar stores have their place in the universe. Today it was place to grab ever disappearing bobby pins. I don’t know where my pins go, but half a pack grew legs and walked off, thus a need to head over to the dollah sto’ on the 1500 block of 7th.
I got my pins, but a walk around to see what there could be used or repurposed revealed dirt. Not plain dirt but 8 lbs of organic garden dirt from Clinton, CT. Several bags of if hanging out in the rear of the store.
I was a bit surprised to find potting soil at the dollar store, but a grabbed a bag. I hoped it would be a dollar. Wrong. It was 2 dollars. The woman ringing me up asked if I was sure I knew I was buying dirt. Apparently the stock of soil she has was a mistake on her part. I don’t know what she thought she was buying.

2 thoughts on “Dirt on the Dollar Store”

  1. I would like to know about the “compost water” that’s available free in gallon jugs from the Whole Foods (Tenleytown)

  2. i just got an email from cityblossoms.org about teabagging (teehee) compost with old socks:

    Spring Recipe

    Want to give your seedlings an early boost why not try making your own COMPOST TEA. Compost tea is a way of getting all the nutrients from compost directly onto your plants and its easy. to make. All you need is a pair of old stockings or socks, a bucket, a spray bottle and a few handfuls of compost.

    Fill the bottom of the socks with compost.
    Place socks in a bucket full of water
    Let seep for a day or two
    Take “tea bag” socks out of water.
    Put water in spray bottle and spray the leaves and soil line of your indoor and outdoor plants.
    You can do this as often as you’de like. Enjoy!

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