Wet, Wet, Wet

My cellar is very, very wet. Stay home from work wet. Throw down newspapers to soak up water, wet. When I called in saying I couldn’t come in, I apparently wasn’t the only one.
Ah, the joys of homeownership.
I have a sump pump. It probably should be replaced, as it ‘hiccuped’ leaving about 2-3 inches of water on the floor. It’s failed me before. I worry that one day I’ll lose power or the darned thing will just die and the ground will be rain soaked and I’ll be totally screwed.
Luckily, most things in the cellar in are plastic bins. But there are other things. Plugged in things. Mechanical things. Wood furniture things that are getting wet.
It will probably get better when the rain stops.

6 thoughts on “Wet, Wet, Wet”

  1. how are your gutters? do you know how the water is getting in? I’m very sorry to hear of your water woes. I can definitely relate..

  2. I imagine lots of old homes have been infiltrated over the past 24 hours. I had wind-blown water come in through a crack in the caulk around an air vent on the back wall of the house. The water rain along the duct work, and found its way into my kitchen cabinets. Nothing too bad, but the wood is warped in some places now.


  3. My gutters are clear. It’s just that water rolls down hill and mine is the first of the underground spaces. Everyone south of me has a full basement.
    My neighbor had no water worries, but then again they have a drain thing all around the edges of their basement.

  4. I was lucky enough not to have my basement flood. I suggest a dehumidifier. They are awesome for this kind of thing.

  5. I have a dehumidifier. When we get heavy heavy rains or when there is a big snow melt, or when someone’s pipes burst, I get water.

  6. Before I moved into the 420 Q, I was told there was some kinda underground stream under the properties, and that flooding from the ground up was not uncommon.

    My landlord assured me he had done stuff to prevent that from happening again. I have an auto sump-pump that kicked in over the weekend. Scared the crap out of me, but I guess it’s working.

    In addition to a dehumidifier, I also use Damp-Rid, which is some kinda funky chemical that also sucks moisture out of the air. Kinda helps remove that earthy smell too.

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