Over at ANC Kevin’s site is an announcement that free mulch is available near 5th & P. I’ve already grabbed some, and will probably grab some more later this week.
I’m not taking it for my yard, but for the vacant property near me. My street has a reputation to uphold for cute yards. Though I can’t do too much about the occupied houses with people who don’t do anything with their fronts, I can take control over one yard. What I figure I can do is chop up the weeds, lay down some newspaper or thick cardboard, wet it, then cover it with the mulch. I will leave some open spots to plant day lilies and other items that I’m moving out of my own garden.
Maybe if there is mulch left and if I haven’t thrown out my back and if I still have the energy, I might try to talk one of the neighbors into letting me do their yard.

2 thoughts on “Mulch”

  1. Does the newspaper really work? I’m always afraid that it would get uncovered like that black plastic we see so often and then just look bad.

  2. I’m using newspaper and cardboard because over time they will break down, unlike the black plastic. For a short while they create a weed barrier, but after a season they will eventually be compost. The second part of this is that I need to have several inches of mulch on top of the paper. I’m aiming for 2 1/2-3 inches.

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