You say nice things about a place to a lot of people and it gets so popular that it’s almost too crowded for you….
But anyway, Big Bear, still good, still got coffee grounds for the old garden, but weekends are busy. I was lucky to find a table. I’m curious to see what the crowd is like on Tuesdays when the local knitting club meets.
Also I haven’t talked about Thai X-ing lately. Well Taw has help and the food comes quicker than before. Not fast, but quicker. Remember the long waits? Now, when he (or whomever answers the phone) says 25 minutes, it is ready in 25 minutes. Panang Tofu still good, but the Yum Woon Sen with shrimp is my new favorite dish. Now that I’ve told you this don’t be over ordering it so there is none left for me when I order.