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Check ‘n’ Go
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Remember this sight?
Well the Check N’ Go is Gone. Reading Marc Fisher’s article this weekend, I gather DC laws have made the District an unwelcoming place for payday lenders. I haven’t bothered to notice if the check cashing place on the 400-500 blk Rhode Island Avenue is still in operation. But for what ever reason that bit of entrepreneurial ugly is gone. When you pass by the building now, the weird windows are now 3 perfectly unnoticeable ones and the building got a paint job.

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9 thoughts on “Ugly no mo'”

  1. WOOO HOOO!!!!

    A) the building actually looks nice;

    B) the tenant will likely not be a check cashing place…

    what great news after such a disheartening start a few months ago!

  2. Speaking of check cashing or pay day loans. Is that a check cashing place that went into the basement of the new condos at 3rd and FL Ave? Looks like it.

  3. I think the removal of the check cashing place is only for the good.

    I’m really proud of DC for being able to make the environment far less encouraging for them.

    If only Alexandria would now do the same- although to think of it, the closest check cashing place may actually be across the line and in Arlington….

  4. It looks so much better without that raggedy check cashing place there. I too agree that something better will come in its place—a little shop, café or boutique perhaps?

  5. Glad to see our work turning out well. We at HPO sited the owner for illegal work in a historic district and put a stop work order on them. They were required to meet with HPO where we explained–over the course of several meetings–exactly what would be needed to repair the damage to the historic building and get proper building permits. We also look forward to a new tenant moving in prospering in this historic building.

    An extra thanks to the anonymous caller who brought this one to the attention of our inspectors.

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