403 R St NW

Taken December 23, 2007. Possibly the 400 odd side of R St NW.

Well another vacant house for your viewing. This one is at 403 R Street NW, owned by Dorothy Farr of 57th Ave S, Seattle, WA, who got the property in 2003 and surprise there is no available data about a ‘sold for’ amount. But there is something interesting. This property has a Class 3 exception. Class 3 is the vacant property rate where one is charged $5 per $100 in house value. However, one can get an exemption by doing work on the property or having it up for sale. Because the government is way too smart to just take your word for it, you gotta go through the motions, and on the door of 403 R St there are building permits.
Yet, these date back to 2004, and from my observations, not much has happened since 2004, except the yard gets mowed. The windows are broken and the downstairs window is cinder blocked. The building is secure, but I don’t know if that requires a permit. And according to my permits the authorized work must start within one year of the date the permit was issued, or the permit expires. And if the permit is expired then someone shouldn’t be getting a Class 3 exception for construction. Maybe it’s for sale.

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  1. I see people working on this building occasionally. I haven’t noticed any discernable progress, but they’re doing something.

  2. nobody has done any work on this place in the last two years at least… ever since I’ve lived next door.


  3. I’ve read your blog your a couple of years probably, always enjoying the posts about gentrification and renovating the house. All of it is becoming much more interesting (and close) to me as I ponder purchasing a home just a couple blocks from 403 R St. NW. Nothing more to say except hello and thanks for writing. See you in the neighborhood soon, perhaps.
    Cheers! Todd

  4. Welcome Todd. The more the merrier or misery loves company. May the buyer’s market aid you. May the move be easy. And may you find among your neighbors people whom you call friends.

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