Summer and Crime

Some folks on the other side of New Jersey Avenue report a shooting on Q or P and 7th or 8th Streets on Monday night and the possible end to the gang truce (unless this wasn’t gang related then truce on). Over on this side a resident was mugged by kids hanging out behind G & G market around midnight on the weekend.
And well, this would sort of fall under the heading of crime prevention, but I really, uh, take it however you’d like. Last night, or more accurately this morning at 12:30AM I passed by the Florida Avenue park, where the characters hang out, and the police were there. Big bright blinding lights, a police van and some bored looking men in blue. For a time that was the safest corner in the hood.

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  1. Here is more information:

    Like the binformed poster’s wife, I had an interaction with two police officers and felt they didn’t treat me like a human being. I admit I was foolish to cross a police line, but I was not aware that my destination near the Convention Center was at the heart of the gang-related killing zone, and I was visiting a nonprofit organization where I hoped to be able to offer some help. Officer ___ [I am uncomfortable printing the name or MPD number here] and his partner could have given a courteous explanation, such as “There is an ongoing investigation and we are asking people not to walk through this area for several hours while we look for evidence.” Instead, when I asked the officer if I could walk on a sidewalk where other people were walking, he said, “you can’t go over there” and turned away. A few minutes later, the two officers came after me and seemed to take great delight in deriding and scolding me, taking out their handcuffs and threatening to arrest me while asking me to pay a fine. There is a difference between telling someone they made a mistake (with a $50 fine) and treating them like a filthy piece of dirt.

  2. Please give the officers’ names and your name. Otherwise people will get the impression that all cops a bad. We have to hold the bad/lazy cops accountable to protect the integrity (sorry spelling?) of the good cops. Secondly, if cops tell you not to do something (however rudely) and you do it anyway, you are asking for trouble. They put up with a lot of crap so give them a break.

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