GAS LEAK! at 3rd and R

Gas Leak at 3rd @ R
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There is a Haz-Mat crew (orange jumpsuits) and cops and firemen all over the place. From the small band of Latino workers under a shaded tree and the small backhoe on the corner, it may seem that some construction work was going on and a gas line was hit. I wonder if the GC called 811 before digging? Anyho I had to leave the smell of gas (or something) was irritating my nose something fierce.

Drink up, it’s for the kids

Truxton Circle Happy Hour is tonight at Vegetate. I guess we are going gather upstairs near the bar. The webdudes of are going to pass the hat around to help fund this Saturday’s Fun Fair at 1st and Florida. The Fun Fair will have a moon bounce, hot dogs/ burgers, fire safety for the kids, and some health stuff.

Also my lousy notes from the BACA meeting is up at the supersecret site. And once again the user name is “thismeeting” and psw is “neverhappened”.

Renovation 2007: Paint

Today we are going to pick up tile I dislike. The sooner I get this over with the sooner I’m back in my house.
I am homesick. The that’s what the writing on the wall says. Of course you need a flashlight to see that writing because I wrote out my frustrations on my flat white wall…. with white semi-gloss paint. Low VOC semi-gloss paint.
I did go over to Monarch Paints to grab a gallon of their eco-friendly paint. The negative to that paint, besides being $40 a gallon, is it only comes in the lighter colors and no hi-gloss. So maybe half the house will be done with this paint.
Picking paint isn’t easy. I took two samples and tried them out and they were too dark. The first floor may wind up with 3 or four paint colors and they sort of have to work with each other and the very neutral color in the kitchen. The brick wall will be white.
I really want a nice dark blue, somewhere but I don’t know where that won’t be overwhelming. I was thinking the 1/2 bath, but when I put a sample in there it just seemed too blue. Really, really blue. Blue. Maybe if I had a lot of white shelves and the white sink and white toilet and white towels that would balance out the BLUE!
By the end of this week I will need to know what colors I’m painting the house. So far I know it is some combination of black, white, red, blue, brown and shades of gray. No purple, no lavender, and no peach. Though I really like peach, but all the peach samples I showed to co-workers look pink to them.

Curves needs women volunteers

Stolen from Scott Robert’s list:
Curves on North Capitol Street Seeks Volunteers

See this request from Karla Saunders, business owner of the Curves on North Capitol Street NW:

I’m going to be conducting a fitness study and would appreciate your posting an advert for it.
Curves on North Capitol Seeks Volunteers!

Female volunteers sought for a 21-day, 3-times-a-week, supervised study at Curves on North Capitol. Volunteers should be 25-65, not currently exercising on a regular basis, and seeking to lose 15 or more pounds.
A $20 refundable deposit is required at the beginning and will be returned at the full completion of the study. Call 202-332-2241 for more