Renovation 2007: Paint values

You know the values you have when you keep them even when they are at their most inconvenient. That’s what I was thinking when I wandered over to the Home Depot looking getting painting supplies and noticed how much was the cheap paint. Well, the really cheap stuff was around $20 or less, but the higher quality paints were in the mid to high twenties. The eco-friendly low to no VOC paint, $30-$40.
When I was hit with the $40 price tag at Benjamin Moore for their semi-gloss low-VOC paint I started looking elsewhere. Community Forklift carries the American Pride brand of paint, selling between $29-$33 a can, depending on the finish. Cheaper but not as cheap as regular paint.
It would be easier on me if I just went with the regular old paint you find at Home Depot. And I went into the idea of painting the house myself (with the help of friends) to save some money . This paint is not money saving paint, but I guess saving the most money is not my highest value right now….. We’ll see if I can keep it up through this week.

PS– I reserve the right to use whatever paint already my basement from previous paint experiments.
PPS- I want to publicly thank Cerise, Dr. So N Soh, and Elizabeth for helping me paint this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Renovation 2007: Paint values”

  1. Hi Mari! Thanks as always for sharing your renovation efforts with the rest of us who are considering it or in the midst of it. Quick question for you – have you used (or do you know of) a competent surveyor? We live next door to a house under development (from an empty lot), and we think the developers have crossed over the property line, but before we start throwing a fit, we thought it prudent to consult with an expert. Thanks for any suggestions/ideas!

  2. SAMMY, You should just ask the developer. THey would probably pay a surveyor rather than risk having to tear down and redo stuff later.

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