The bathroom that might brake my bank

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This bathroom, still incomplete, because it needs the tub, toilet, sink and lights installed. They are things I already had or have been bought already. It’s the labor that concerns me.
I knew that this bathroom would be expensive simply because of the tile. Tile and the labor to put in the tile. Tile is something I could do but because of the order of how the bathroom needs to be complete, some things couldn’t wait for me. Because the toilet, tub and sink (things I can’t install myself) go on top of the hexagon tile, which goes in after the tile baseboard (black tile). The space will be tight when the tub comes in so the walls go in before the tub.
What’s left in the coffers is in the low teens and there are some important things that are still left to be done. Finishing this bathroom is one. And I can’t help but wonder if I had gone with something more simpler if there would be more wiggle room in the building budget.

6 thoughts on “The bathroom that might brake my bank”

  1. It’s looking great Mari, besides you will have look at and clean this bathroom for a very long time. I think that you were right not to scrimp on the tile.


  2. “Tile is something I could do…”

    One thing I’ve noticed in the various places that I’ve lived is that the landlords _CAN’T_ actually do tile. I’ve seen the results, tripped on the uneven tiles, or dealt with grout residue in too many rentals. Tiling is something that should be done by a pro, in my opinion. I’ve seen too many bad first attempts by landlords in a hurry.

  3. It looks great! Of course it also looks similar to my new bathroom–you can’t beat the classic and clean look of a black and white bathroom!


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