Renovation 2007: Bathroom flooring

I’ve run the idea of using linoleum (the eco-stuff) by my contractor twice. And on the second try he gave a strong ‘no’ and “I’m not putting that in”. I’m not going to battle with him over the bathroom flooring as we have other disagreements I’d rather spend time winning.
Worse comes to worse I have tile options picked out already at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but they aren’t the kind of patterns I have in my head that I want. They are close enough. I know I want a black and white pattern for the floor and a white subway or field tile for the walls.

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  1. ive got lino in my bathroom and its disgusting. water is getting under it…never mind that its beige.

    here’s another thought: if you can get out to Expo they have lots of variety & the prices are excellent. they also sell surplus lots of tile too marked down.

  2. A while ago I visited Expo, but didn’t look in the surplus area. Didn’t even know they had surplus. If I went to Rockville, where would I wander to find such a place?

  3. I am in no way arguing with a previous post, but I know a lot of people use the word “linoleum” when describing no wax or commercial vinyl. They are NOT the same product. Linoleum is a linseed based product. Marmoleum, a linoleum brand (or Forbo), can be installed in sheets and would be perfect for a bath or any other room with water. The trick is to get someone who knows how to install it. Sheet linoleum would almost eliminate seams. The colors you can get are awesome – vibrant or subdued. How do I know? I have used these products twice in old houses. A good install can be beautiful, practical, low cost, low maintenance and green. I have used tiles in a kitchen and sheet in a basement.

  4. hmm i went to the VA location…dont ask me where lol…and they had like “returns” all over. appliances, cabinets..etc.. the tile was in the tile section & it ranged from a little to a lot. come to think of it, the tile probably wasnt returned – they have a crazy no tile return policy. but it was in wonky packages.

    havent really ventured to rockville so much for home improvement stuff, we always seem to end up somewhere down 395…

    btw that marmo picture on that link, looks nothing like my bathroom which is supremely ugly crap.

  5. I spent most of last year at Rockville Expo and never saw a surplus area but I did see a bunch of stuff out front during my one trip to the Fairfax one right in the front on the ramp. As for price i agree that Expo is way cheap although delivery can be a pain (so order early0. We had to order extra stuff from another place in Springfield and it was twice as expensive. We used a different version of the tile you have with a royal blue dot instead of black and subway tiles on the wall. Come to think of it we might actually have an extra case of the standard daltile subway tile if you are iterested.

  6. at the nova expo i pick up tile directly from their warehouse around the side of the building. but always must calculate weight 🙂

  7. I have found that some of the laminate flooring ranges perform well in bathrooms. You have to be super-careful with installation, though. Any slips with the caulking gun and water gets a place to seep through. Many of these companies are very aware of the environment and come up with fairly eco-friendly products.

  8. Expo is somewhere in Rockville. I remember it’s west of the Grovsner Metro by a few miles.
    It’s fun to go there for ideas. But I mainly got stuff from Community Forklift and Home Despot.

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