Trash Day and trash cans

Because today is a holiday, your normal trash day will be the next day. Like if today was your trash day, then tomorrow your trash will get picked up. So that’s when your trash cans should be out on the curb or in the alley. But you can be like a lot of people and ignore all that and put it out when you normally set it out and let it sit for an extra day. Then while it is bulging with trash the feral cats, the psycho squirrels, and birds will check it out and strew garbage all out on the street.
Over on one of the hood listservs trashcans seem to getting kidnapped by handimen. I’m amazed how few of the cans on my block get napped. I mean they sit on the sidewalk, not inside the yards, and unmarked. If that don’t scream TAKE ME, I don’t know what does. I guess it depends on who is doing work in your area and if they need to “borrow” your can.

2 thoughts on “Trash Day and trash cans”

  1. My neighbor’s trashcans and my trashcans sit in the alley. The construction workers next door stole, er borrowed, two of the there we had left between us (we don’t have the supercans). They weren’t very sneaky about it because the cans were just sitting in the construction site full of construction mess. Of course, we took them back.

  2. I’m guilty of this one, but I’ll blame the city on this one – if you went to the city website that morning, they indicated trash would indeed be picked up that day.

    I’ll classify this one as an “Unknown known”… or something like that. Of course that does mean the neighbors needed to make a “40oz pyramid” on top of the can either.

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