ANC 2C meeting

Off Seventh has posted You Tube footage of the Wednesday meeting.
Commentary can be found at Le Slum, 5th & O, and the Life in Mt Vernon Sq blog.
I have to say, you guys over there in 2C have done a lot to keep your neighbors informed and I applaud you. With the strokes from your keyboards you have brought down a tyrant, brought together neighbors, highlighted businesses and events for our little corner of the city. You have done what no major paper, radio station or TV channel could ever do. Keep doing it!

1,000th post: I should write something deep

Technically this is post 1,000 according to blogger.
I was intending on writing on the bruh-ha-ha I saw at Florida and North Cap at around 3:30pm. Lights, cops, traffic moving slow, and lots of people milling around. Then it occurred to me that I’ve seen a similar scene around about the same time on a different day, fewer police cars, no ambulance and traffic seemed to move at a normal pace, so could this be a regular after school scene? But yesterday about three DC Officials (cops and fire rescue guys) were standing around a few bums seated on a stoop, appearing to be asking questions.
But 1,000 posts. That’s a lot for a blog focusing on one little house in a little neighborhood, part of a bigger neighborhood in the capitol of the Free world. I’ll probably write the state of the blog a little later in the month. Thanks for all the support.