This house is crap

I’ve been listening to something. Good Lord only knows what but I suspect mortar, falling from the top to the bottom in between my walls. I need to rehab this house, immediately before the damned thing falls on my head. Good bones my ass.
Maybe it is because of my job and what I do, but the ancestors, the people who came before were not mini-gods to be worshipped automatically for their works. People who lived 100 or more years ago were just as lazy, stupid, underhanded, dishonest, and on a good day, mediocre as the people who roam the earth today. Those same sort of people built this house, and maybe it was a good set of days when they built this row of affordable housing. But I’m seriously doubting that, as what sounds like a good sized chunk of WTF comes tumbling down between me and the house next door, this worker’s housing unit was supposed to be standing 130 years later.
I’m possibly in a bad mood because something died or enough mortar fell into the chimney cavity so I haven’t been able to work my furnace for nearly a month. I’m keeping the house at 66F by running two little heater fans at full blast.
Okay, I’m going to bed and praying that the damned house can hold itself up for at least 3 more months, or that it doesn’t get any colder before one of these heater fans decides to give up the ghost.