ANC 2C meeting

Off Seventh has posted You Tube footage of the Wednesday meeting.
Commentary can be found at Le Slum, 5th & O, and the Life in Mt Vernon Sq blog.
I have to say, you guys over there in 2C have done a lot to keep your neighbors informed and I applaud you. With the strokes from your keyboards you have brought down a tyrant, brought together neighbors, highlighted businesses and events for our little corner of the city. You have done what no major paper, radio station or TV channel could ever do. Keep doing it!

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  1. V. Dion Haynes thinks himself a journalist? Maybe he should go back to journalism 101. The Washington Post’s editors’ standards must be geting pretty low for objective reporting/infotainment. He didn’t acknowledge the African Americans who are also against Mr Thorpe. I contacted him myself, but he still twisted the article to suggest this was somehow a racist conspiracy.

    The fact that LT and Doris spoke to they guy at all makes the whole thing very suspicious. LT doesn’t even speak to some of his own constituents and never spoke to the lovely young African American reporter from the City Paper about anything substantive (couldn’t label her a racist, now could he?).

    Maybe LT gave V. Dion Haynes a free laptop for writing such a slanted story. The Washington Prostitutes must be doing good business these days.

  2. To the Good People of ANC 2C;

    Web hosting services can be found for less than $20 per month. Why don’t 12 of you get together and commit to each other and your community to donate $20 per year for webhosting? Or 24 of you could each contribute $10 per year (or less), and simply bypass LT and Co.? You’ll move your ANC into the modern era, and you won’t need LT’s input or agreement because it will be run by the PEOPLE of ANC 2C rather than the ANC itself.

    Invite EVERYONE, including LT, to contribute content. Y’all can post the meeting schedules and minutes, at a minium. If LT and company withhold information, it will be very apparent.

    Heck, free webhosting services are available, but they aren’t the greatest to set up and maintain.

    -Yowza West of North Capitol


    We’re already working around the LT/Dory/Babs (and their voters’) roadblock.

    Why were folks suggesting the astronomical figure of $1000 for a web site during the meeting? Poor ghetto people always pay more because of their ignorance — that’s why they stay poor.

  4. Okay people please take a charitable tone. I don’t want this to devolve into a namecalling fest.
    The webmistress has written.

  5. Unlike impudent blog posts, there were at least three people responsible for Mr. V Dion Haynes’ article: the writer, his copy editor or fact checker, and the editor who approved the article as written/edited. Maybe valuable bits of the article were left on the cutting room floor. So it might not be Mr. V Dion Haynes’ fault that the piece is so imbalanced. But it does show some clear problems with the Post’s editorial review process that ultimately do a disservice to the public that the media is supposed to serve better.

  6. Why doesn’t any one face the fact that although Leroy was defeated (thankfully), he still got a ton of votes and we still have a community divided? Leroy just speaks to his people (and reporters with limited skills). Chappelle woed the yuppies, buppies, guppies and blogophiles but still only got about half the voters in his single member district. We need someone to step up and represent everyone and do more than just throw parties focussed on their own particular group. Maybe that’s KC, maybe not. We’ll see.

  7. nothing wrong with the article. it makes all the points the posters bring up here and is well balanced. Since Mr. thorpe brought up the charge of racism, the reporter had to identify the principals’ races. the reporter quite aptly notes at the bottom of the story that not all residents agree that it is a race issue, and that blacks as well as whites have taken issue with the apparent corruption. As a journalist (not with the post), I think people expect too much out of a news story. THe writer can’t put everything in the top paragraph! so give him a break. also, i’m glad to see our neighborhood issues making it into the post.

  8. Where the article miserably fails is when it loses focus (after being sidetracked by Mr Thorpe’s only intellectual trick: racebating) on the fact that the ECCA received money for computers when they have a history of not using the computers they have for any constructive purpose much less for providing a valid public service with them.

    The DC auditor’s office investigation should check to see if ANC grant money has been used for valid and requested purposes.

    If a group received an ANC grant to create a community garden and bought plants and soil amendments but just kept those items in a resident’s private home garage that would be a misuse of ANC funds and that group should never be given ANC money again and indeed should be required to give that grant money back to the ANC.

    The ECCA doesn’t have a public email address (much less a phone number where you might expect to speak to someone or have your message returned) or web site. The only item on their generic meeting announcement that changes is the date and that could easily be done by the company that prints the fliers. They certainly didn’t publicly announce the surprise December 2006 election. Judging from the January 2007 ECCA meeting, now that Mr Thorpe is POTECCA, he doesn’t even give meeting announcements to all of the residents in the ECCA service area — just his friends I suppose. Can’t the ECCA competently manage a budget for announcements?

    The ECCA clearly doen’t use their computers to promote the discussion of community issues:

    Or deliver valuable and relevant information regarding the recent spike in crime:

    Or pubicize other community business:

    Or document neighborhood history and historical institutions:

    Or provide a directory of local businesses and community groups:

    Or publicize community events:

    Or publicize important community meetings:

    Or use their laptops to take notes at public meetings:

    All of the above, Mr Chapple’s team has created using only ONE (1) computer not the 6 (4 desktops and 2 laptops?) provided to the ECCA. With so many computers, the ECCA could to set up a community web server and provide web hosting services for residents, but they cannot even use email. …

    The ECCA should return the ANC grant money and donate all the computers, except one or two, to Scott Montgomery Elementary School where they will be better used by competent individuals to help with the education of our children.

  9. Also, the ECCA clearly does not user their computers to help those in need of jobs (or those advancing their careers) by providing links to job resources that offer reliable advice for those creating resumes or practicing interviewing skills, whether they are applying for their first entry level job in the neighborhood or President or CEO of a international organization.

    So what does the ECCA do with their computers? Please enlighten me since Mr. V Dion Haynes clearly didn’t think this detail was relevant to his superficial article supposedly about: “Questions About Public Funds …” and not another clich├ęd story about “Racial tension is DC…”

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