1,000th post: I should write something deep

Technically this is post 1,000 according to blogger.
I was intending on writing on the bruh-ha-ha I saw at Florida and North Cap at around 3:30pm. Lights, cops, traffic moving slow, and lots of people milling around. Then it occurred to me that I’ve seen a similar scene around about the same time on a different day, fewer police cars, no ambulance and traffic seemed to move at a normal pace, so could this be a regular after school scene? But yesterday about three DC Officials (cops and fire rescue guys) were standing around a few bums seated on a stoop, appearing to be asking questions.
But 1,000 posts. That’s a lot for a blog focusing on one little house in a little neighborhood, part of a bigger neighborhood in the capitol of the Free world. I’ll probably write the state of the blog a little later in the month. Thanks for all the support.

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  1. Yup saw the Thai-Xing thing. I am debating about posting about sme planned changes that Taw is hoping to go through with for the next year.

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