The Post covers the teenage trick or treaters. I don’t care how old you are, just make an effort to wear a friggin’ costume.
You could wear your work uniform. Saturday I went to the Glen Echo ballroom and the number of people dress up was woefully low. I went as a nun. As I was dancing with one fellow he remarked that he should have worn his work clothes. He’s a retired priest. It would have worked. So wear your McDonald’s, Best Buy shirts, with name tag and that will be somewhat barely acceptable. If you’re a DC Cop and you come to my house, you can have all the Reese’s cups you want.
For the surly teen or anyone else who doesn’t keep up their end of the holiday, I got cheap waxy foil wrapped candy with your name written all over it.
Update: Budget Fashionista has some cheap costume ideas.

3 thoughts on “Halloween”

  1. amen. i’m glad i’m not the only one who gets cranky about this. i grew up poor- you don’t have to spend money on a costume-just a couple minutes brainpower. i used to make the uncostumed tell me a joke- but even that got seriously low effort by people wantting my handout. seriously.

  2. Happy Halloween from the U.K. We didn’t dress up ourselves, but we costumed the girls as a cat and a skunk and took them trick or treating. Dot only has four teeth, and Clementine doesn’t understand that the swag people were putting in her bag is candy. So, does this mean we’re ripping people off if we eat the candy? 😉

    See you next week with jelly babies…


  3. Well it was a good Halloween. BL, glad to hear the girls are dressing up.
    I still have a bunch of candy left because I refused to give the good stuff to the snarky too-cool to dress up teens. I quit around 8:30 when my non-costumed to costumed ratio got to the point of not-fun for me. And I am coming down with a cold, so that’s another reason to quit and cuddle up with a box of tissues and a bottle of NyQuil.

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