ANC elections: Nov 7

Next Tuesday, please, please, please drag yourself to the polls. In a city that is overwhelmingly one party, one could get into the mindset that after the hoopla of the Democratic primaries, that’s it. No. Fenty has to be elected mayor. A few other folks need to be reconfirmed as well, and there are school board elections (I support Robert Bobb) and the ANCs.
A list of who is running in the ANCs can be found here (PDF).In my ANC of 5C01, Anita Bonds is the only one running. Which is okay. Anita, if she is who I think I remember her to be (I’m so bad with names and faces) then she’s good people, thoughtful, sane, and a decent replacement for Jim Berry (of course no one can really replace Jim). Over in Eckington, in 5C02, it is Kris Hammond vs incumbent Cleopatra Jones. I favor Hammond, for my own reasons, but since I don’t live there, it doesn’t matter. 5C03 has Big-Bear’s Stu Davenport vs Andrew Pollard. I just want the Bear to open.
The more interesting ANC battles are over in the 2C region. Do I really need to go over the Chapple vs Thorpe 2C02 race? Really, I have covered it, Fifth & O has covered it, and the Washington City paper has covered it. Without question I support Chapple in that race. I also support Alex Padro in his re-election bid, as he has done a lot to bring businesses to 9th Street. And I hear there is a sort of slate of 2C candidates? Can anyone confirm that for me?
How will it all end? Well we’ll find out Nov 8th, but it’s the voters on the 7th who will decide if incumbents stay or go and what kind of new blood take up the various government positions, paid and unpaid. You have about a week, get informed and vote.

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