Green Festival at Convention Center: You should go

If you go to the bike valet @ 9th & M, you get a token that makes your entry 1/2 price. You go in and I highly recommend that you 1st go to the Dagoba Organic Chocolate table. They have chocolate. And chocolate nibs. I hung out there for a while. There were some other food tables, but chocolate rules.
Got some good booty. From Seventh Generation I got dishwasher tablets, dishwashing detergent, and laundry detergent. I got some stevia (non-caloric sweetener), a magnet from Energy Star, cheese from Organic Valley, two magazines (one being the Audubon’s ‘Ecological Home Ideas”), and hand dish washing liquid from MOMs. There were some other food sample stuff but I ate them all before heading back home.
The main draw for me was the home building, renovation and household things…. which I’ll write about later.