ANC elections: Nov 7

Next Tuesday, please, please, please drag yourself to the polls. In a city that is overwhelmingly one party, one could get into the mindset that after the hoopla of the Democratic primaries, that’s it. No. Fenty has to be elected mayor. A few other folks need to be reconfirmed as well, and there are school board elections (I support Robert Bobb) and the ANCs.
A list of who is running in the ANCs can be found here (PDF).In my ANC of 5C01, Anita Bonds is the only one running. Which is okay. Anita, if she is who I think I remember her to be (I’m so bad with names and faces) then she’s good people, thoughtful, sane, and a decent replacement for Jim Berry (of course no one can really replace Jim). Over in Eckington, in 5C02, it is Kris Hammond vs incumbent Cleopatra Jones. I favor Hammond, for my own reasons, but since I don’t live there, it doesn’t matter. 5C03 has Big-Bear’s Stu Davenport vs Andrew Pollard. I just want the Bear to open.
The more interesting ANC battles are over in the 2C region. Do I really need to go over the Chapple vs Thorpe 2C02 race? Really, I have covered it, Fifth & O has covered it, and the Washington City paper has covered it. Without question I support Chapple in that race. I also support Alex Padro in his re-election bid, as he has done a lot to bring businesses to 9th Street. And I hear there is a sort of slate of 2C candidates? Can anyone confirm that for me?
How will it all end? Well we’ll find out Nov 8th, but it’s the voters on the 7th who will decide if incumbents stay or go and what kind of new blood take up the various government positions, paid and unpaid. You have about a week, get informed and vote.

Now a reminder of the comment rules: No anonymous postings, no fowl language or nasty names, and if it offends/annoys me, well, it’s my blog and I have the right to delete it. And on the other side of that, you are free to respectfully disagree with me or anyone else. You are welcomed to make verifiable points to support your argument.

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  1. I’d like to see Mr Thorpe’s supporters, if any remain, sign up and reaffirm their support since their candidate does not have a dedicated website to display his endorsements, community announcements, meeting agendas, or what have you. Specifically, if they could speak up about his last grand epistle to the community and go on record aligning themselves with that type of rhetoric, or treating it as if it is totally meaningless and harmless, it would show a lot of integrity. What they do in the privacy of the election booth no one will ever know. “SECRETS,” as Mr Thorpe put it. If Leroy wins, I would like to know why he got to hold that ANC seat.

  2. Richard Rogers, candidate for ANC 2C04
    John Tinpe, candidate for ANC 2C03

    John Tinpe’s web site

    Both would be enormous improvements over the current office holders. Both attended the MVSNA ANC Debate and impressed with their knowledge of the area, approach and strong interest in having a better ANC.

    If you live in either 2C04 or 2C03 vote for Rogers or Tinpe!

  3. FYI – Anita Bonds is chair of the Ward 5 Democrats. Hopefully, that will help refresh some memories. 🙂

  4. please tell us in 25 words or less why you support Robert Bobb for President of the School Board.

    m. vose

    anita bonds is a member of my church..Foundry United Methodist. She a really really nice person.

  5. ENOUGH ALREADY. Someone call the idiot off: (scotttac, jumboChic, et al) It’s one thing to bark and annoy drug dealers and users who have no place in our community, but LT needs to stop harassing innocent citizens and his constituents for no reason. He’s barking up the wrong trees, wasting a lot of energy that would better spent serving the community — if he knew how to do that.

    Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2006; 6:45 am

    Innocent single woman dogwalker passes ANC Commissioner Chairman Thorpe as he reposts some of his campaign signs.


    I’m going to sue you!!! I know what you and X are doing with that DCHalt web site.
    I know where you live and I’m going to sue you!

    Dude! Sue me. But don’t start yelling at me at 6:45 when I’m walking my dog.

    All that LT (or his “lawyers” if they are worth a darn) needs to do is a simple WHOIS search on the internet to find out about who is in charge of the DCHALT/ web sites. But he’s too MFing dumb to do that. He probably thinks he’s going to get high doing a pedestrian internet search since he believes the internet is like crack.

    He’s been fishing around for weeks now, making ridiculous accusations against people who are not responsible for those publications. This woman is not responsible. Nor is X. We don’t even need those anti-Thorpe publications, Thorpe is the best daily campaigner for his opponents that money can buy. He’s neck-and-neck with George Bush and George Allen as idiot of the 2006 election.

    You LT supporters are perpetuating this creep and you are fully to blame if he wins and this community continues to suffer under his ignorance and lunacy instead of having a chance to prosper under new leadership.

    Happy Holloween. : )

  6. I am responsible for publishing the content of although I am not the author of the public record. DC HALT does not endorse candidates. DC HALT is not against Leroy Thorpe, as a person or neighbor, but rather as our elected ANC official.

    VOTE against Leroy Thorpe on November 7th! And tell your neighbors to VOTE against Leroy Thorpe on November 7th too!

  7. Yt,
    Inhale pink, exhale blue and calm, calm. Calm.
    Now calling people idiots, not nice. I’m not a fan of LT either, but I don’t believe for one second he is stupid. Unsavvy in the ways of the net, possibly, stupid, no. I’m sure he knows what he is doing, and it is not in his best interests to be clear on who owns what website. That way he can lash out at anyone.
    Lawyers, funny. Town is full of ’em. But I noticed how some folks use the very word “Lawyers” or “Lawyer” as a scare tatic.

  8. There are lots of readers here from Bloomingdale (5C04). I hope *everyone* will get out and vote, and vote for John Salatti. Robert Brannum has been largely absent and unresponsive as an ANC representative, except for needlessly obstructing the development of our only sit-down restaurant at the N Capitol firehouse. We need new leadership.

    – JM

  9. JM –

    Obstructing the development of a property! Welcome to ANC 2C…if liquor is sold there…bad (unless it is a store then it is okay with 3 of 4 commissioners in the ANC). In the last year we have watched Leroy’s personal stance on liquor licenses help stop Vegetate and Queen of Sheeba’s applications…

    Maybe we can trade you? Sometimes it makes me want to SCREAM!!! The longtime residents complain about how development has passed over Shaw…how chain stores have passed over Shaw…how businesses have gone elsewhere because of crime and urban blight. Maybe soon they will get the hint as to why it keeps happening. Maybe if we name lower 9th street Little (Insert ethnic name here) it will be okay with the ANC and than we can work on 7th! Like YT I am about to lose it.

    No longer UrbanPioneer…now Off Seventh.

  10. Mari,

    Pardon me for bringing the gutter and so much heat to your wonderful blog. But, I think Merriam-Webster does justify my use of both terms. But I will work around using those terms after this post.

    Stupid: … given to unintelligent decisions or acts … acting in an unintelligent or careless manner …

    Yelling at a voting constituent — while he is putting up campaign posters, six days before an election — about something she has nothing to do with and showing no “care” for her (or her dog’s) feelings fits that bill. It also satisfies the term idiot:

    2 : a foolish or “stupid” person

    … And when Mr Thorpe starts being “nice” to all his constituents, I will return the favor.

  11. And what that silly little poor excuse for a leader carefully avoids acknowledging to his base and probably to himself is that someone like Kevin Chapple doesn’t need to resort to his negative tactics to lead — or run a campaign in — an ANC. LT’s not as afraid his base seeing the web sites that list his negatives as he is of having them log on to which takes a dignified and respectful approach to courting voters in ANC2C02 before an election.

    I’m wearing a Thorpe mask out tonight. … Don’t throw any eggs. : )

  12. While you may say he isn’t a stupid person, he did try to rape and woman (and went to jail for it) and when he got caught, asked her if she was going to get him fired. That all sounds kind of stupid on his part to me.

    Praise retracsemaj! I don’t care if that information has been posted before. People still deserve to know this information before they vote for, or against, him.

    I still find it an outrage that he, of the four ANC leaders, is the chair, just because. He was never voted into the chair position, he was just granted that position because of ANC redistricting, if I recall correctly. Now, with 4 ANC leaders, there is no tie breaker. As long as he can get one ANC leader to support him, he stays chair. He didn’t earn that position.


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