5 thoughts on “City Paper on Chapple vs Thorpe race”

  1. You are Sooo lucky. My Commissioner is Dorris Brooks. I wish i could vote Leroi, OUT!

    Ms. Martine Vose

  2. Hello. Can we PLEASE vote to get the menaces and their leader out of our neighborhood? It’s no wonder there is still crime in the community. He’s too Ruckin’ friendly with the menaces to society. At least take away his gavel so we can give it to someone who is capable of having a good rapport with the police who are supposed to be here to help us.

    “As {Kevin] stands next to Greg Redmond’s truck, a dark red Isuzu Rodeo pulls up to a group of young guys who are congregating on the other side of the street.”

    [… Maybe the menaces called their friend on their hotline to tell them Kevin was performing the oh so heinous act of campaigning for something positive in our democracy by meeting and listening to the concerns of local residents first hand. And maybe said manaces use the same hotline to avoid getting caught and convicted by the po-lice].

    “As if on cue, Thorpe jumps out of the truck and mingles with the young men who have been watching Chapple’s every move. […hmmm, menacing henchmen, intimately connected to LT…] Thorpe looks suspiciously over in Chapple’s direction but doesn’t cross the street to confront him.”

  3. Mari,

    The article was fantastic because it gave both sides and I thought was pretty fair to both Leroy and Kevin.

    For the first time in a long time it shows what this race is all about…how Shaw redevelops. I have my personal feelings on this issue that I will keep out of this post.

    Saw that leroythorpe.com has made it’s way back onto the net…I know that much of what is on this is “true” but I ask if it is necessary as many in the blogosphere is already decided on Leroy.

    Also…UrbanPioneer is officially dead! I have decided to kill the blog and start something new…take a look.


  4. Keeping Leroy in the ANC is like keeping the wolf in charge of the chicken coop.

    I wonder where Leroy’s oh so observant young friends — who have nothing better to do than stand around and keep an eye on Kevin while he is campaigning — are when car windows are broken, property graffittied or when fireworks are going off at all hours of the night. They snitch on people exercising their democratic rights, but when someone is committing a crime they don’t seem to be able to report anything.

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