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I noticed on JD Land’s website she had a really cool table tracking permits and crime and all sorts of goodies on her blog about SE DC taken from DC Stat. Unfortunately, I do not possess her G’d given talent for machine readable data manipulation, so you won’t be getting any of that here.
But nicely enough the DC government has gone a step in the right direction, they have created an easy crime map. But I didn’t get the same cool features popping up in the Washington Post article. If I wanted to look at 1 type of crime, then I got the cool icons. All crimes together, same icon. That’s a bug I’m sure that can be worked out. Also you can download the data from the map to an Excel file. Sadly, the whole thing is anti-Mac. I’ll have to deal with my semi-retired PC to play around with the tables and whatnot because, the site is up front saying that you NEED Internet Explorer (which I don’t have on my Mac).

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  1. If you make the map larger (there’s a button at the bottom) you can see all the different icons.


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