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Fifth and O has a little something on ANC candidates running in 2C. Daddy5-O asks, and I’m slightly wondering too, um where in the Ward is Kevin Chapple? Cause even though Mr. Thorpe, the current ANC for 2C02, is known for his inflammatory words, it seems it is going to take more than a lovely website to defeat Thorpe. The problem seems to be is Mr. Chapple is an unknown. Of his events, I don’t see a meet and greet. However, digging deeper going to the “forums” he intends to attend the Sept 11 ECCA meeting at 7pm held at the 3rd St Baptist Church on 5th & Q Streets.
I got a question in the comments about some of the Ward 5 people running. As I understand it there are like a dozen people running. Checking the poster’s link it goes to the Moore’s, which includesMs. Miriam Moore an Independent running for Ward 5. I’m trying to remember if she showed up to a BACA meeting, maybe, got to check with Jim. As the TC is on the tail end of Ward 5, we could easily get forgotten, so anyone not showing up at a BACA meeting running for Ward 5 is on my unhappy list. Thomas, Wilds and Zapata are on my happy list only because they have shown up for little things over here on the NW side, giving me hope that if one of them gets elected they won’t forget us like Orange did.
Don’t ask me who I am going to vote for. I am a registered Independent, so my options, in a city where 1 out of 10 isn’t a Democrat, are limited.

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  1. Mari,

    I was VERY intrigued by the 5th and O post last night. Seriously think that the challengers to Doris and Barbara are bigger news than Kevin challenging Leroy! Hell if either of the challengers is looking for someone to distribute flyers and walk the ward on your behalf (sorry Kevin…as of now I am with Leroy and you need to get your face out in the ANC before I do anything for you…) let me know.

  2. … It’s “Third Baptist Church” at 5th&P Sts. I hope to see Mr Chapple there. I have lots of questions about what he plans to do for us.

  3. Mari,

    I have now officially announced my candidacy for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in ANC 2C02. I have begun a walking tour through ANC 2C02 meeting and asking questions of local residents. I will also be meeting and talking to owners of local businesses and other organizations, in other parts of ANC 2C, which serve our residents.

    I will attend the upcoming ECCA and MVSNA meetings to introduce myself to as many residents as possible and do my best to earn their support.

    This election outcome will have far-reaching implications since the current incumbent of more than a decade, Mr. Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe Jr. has also served since 2002 as Chairman of ANC 2C.

    Please feel free to download a pdf of my recent press release at the following url: http://www.chappleanc.com/pressreleases/PressRelease090106.pdf.

    Best regards,
    The Committee to Elect Kevin Chapple

  4. I applaud Leroy Thorpe for putting forth his best effort over the years. Unfortunately, Leroy Thorpe’s best effort is inadequate for Shaw and the ANC2C02 single member district.

    Leroy’s approach to crime is reactionary at best. Once something happens he barks at police for not doing their job. I agree that police should be held accountable, but I also believe in preventive approaches that focus on the systemic causes of crime. What has Leroy done to ensure affordable housing projects? What has Leroy done to improve the appearance of our neighborhood? Selectively use ANC funds to put tree boxes outside the houses of supporters. How does Leroy help Shaw residents get jobs?

    He single handidly crippled the efforts to ensure a true community benefit agreement during the construction of the convention efforts. He has testified before city council against efforts for affordable housing lobbied to be included in the Radio One project.

    Simply put, whenever a good idea is not Leroy’s, he objects to it carte blanche because he did not come up with it. He is not a consensus builder. He does not listen to all of his constituents.

    We deserve better representation. We deserve a commissioner who is not anti-White, not anti-American, not homophobic…Leroy Thorpe has proven time and time again that he is not that person.

    Unlike the unopposed election in 2004, we have a choice. Have courage, put aside your apathy and join me in not re-electing Leroy Thorpe on Tuesday, November 7th.

  5. I too am willing to vote for almost anyone to defeat Leroy, who does not represent me or my wishes, desires or interests in my neighborhood. It troubles me however that there seems to be so little visability or comment from Kevin. I have yet to meet the man, have seen no views, oppinions or involvement. Please Kevin, get your self out there and give me a candidate who earns my vote as opposed to voting for someone just to defeat Leroy!!!

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