One thought on “The only one gentrifying the hood”

  1. Ok, I’m sure you all know that Langston/Carver (I’m in Langston, for now) is the last place you want to get lost in. I moved here unaware of where I was moving to and, well, to my surprise, I actually love the neighborhood for its potential.

    Lining 21st Street off Benning Road are these huge, massive, ancient, impressive trees that immediately caught my attention.

    But the neighborhood (other than 20st Stret which is like an oasis) is all brick buildings and ugly chain link fences and trash lined streets and I’m wondering if anyone here can see the potential.

    Anyway, some of the property owners have taken to cleaning up their areas and the area one day may go from poverty to low-income and be pleasant (and relatively safe). I’m not sticking around for it, but the Onion article got me thinking about how much of a waste it is to have such areas with potential just go to waste until the developers come in and reap all the benefits from a little vision.

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