There is an annoying point in dieting when after you’ve made incredible progress there is a long period of nothing. No matter what you do, nada. However, you need to keep doing what you are doing so you could possibly progress and not go back. That’s how I’m feeling about the corner.
This week I’ve seen the cops, lights flashing, stopped at the corner. And it has been quieter on the corner than it has been in years past. But I will see the guys hanging out on the corner on occasion. They are not gone. I don’t always expect them to be there, but I’m not surprised if I do see them. I would like to be surprised, but it seems we’re not getting past not surprised.
I am thankful for the progress we’ve made in my little section of the neighborhood. I hope that all of the TC can improve in ways that make it a safer and nicer place.

2 thoughts on “Plateau”

  1. Have you noticed the shoes thrown over the top of the light pole? I think they’ve already been cut down a time or two but there has been a pair up there for a couple of weeks.

    Anyways, it struck me that when you get to advertising like that, your customer base has severely eroded. Dunno though.

  2. Possibly, depends on what happened to their core base and their source of new customers.
    Right now all I have are guesses. But my first guess the police presence and a number of people willing to call the cops is one, which may discourage buyers and if you need to be away from the corner and keep moving, it makes it harder for new customers to find you. Second is walk by sales traffic is getting deluted by the number of non-customers on the street (dog walkers, joggers), signal-noise all that. And as the neighborhood demographics change there may be fewer kids and troubled families to get hooked and to supply local labor (look outs, runners, etc) and protection.
    Their problems may relate to smaller customer base (’cause Cyndi can’t suport 3 dealers with her habit), cost of doing business, and lack of supportive infrastructure. But what do I know I dropped out of business school.

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