Space for living

When I go to IKEA I’m spending more time looking at the little showrooms and paying attention to the square footage. I’m not exactly complaining (complaining is in the ear if the listener) but my place is small and it is not going to get bigger anytime soon. Within the limited space I need to fit in ‘stuff’ for living and not feel cramped. IKEA is space sensitive and I look to this store to show me how to maximize my space.
So I am happy to see there is like an IKEA show, on TV, Canadian TV, but TV none the less, with a website. Space for Living appears to be in its second season, not sure, but I’ve already got some ideas. Sadly, they don’t give square footage.
Credit to IKEA Hacker

One thought on “Space for living”

  1. I digg the IKEA showrooms too. I guess taking a tapemeasure there and doing the sq footage calculations wouldn’t be too hard? I see people measuring things there all the time (which is funny, because furniture measurements are usually on each item’s tag).

    My problem with the showrooms is that they lack the crackhead design features. Who has four flat walls at right angles in our area?

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