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Well now I have seen my crawlspace between the roof and the ceiling. Not the whole thing, just a hole placed in my ceiling with me looking up at the underside of the roof. I have been informed about what the contractors saw.
The crawlspace is just big enough for an overweight raccoon to hold a dance party, which Ricky the Raccoon has done. But for regular sized contractors it is not enough space to crawl in, making me question if “crawlspace” is the right word. I suspected as much since seeing the exposed ceiling in another house further along the row.
The contractor told me that there is no rot. Yay! However, previous renovators have been screwing around up there and not all the little beams go all the way. And some beams are split, but that’s no problem because that can be fixed.
Next. Make holes in wall. Hunt down structural engineer.

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  1. I defintely want to hear more about this, and if you like the guys you find, I may need to borrow them. Many months after we bought our house we were informed (by the house inspector – remember when you couldn’t get it done as a contingency?) that two of the joists in our attic had been cut in the middle to make headroom to get into the dormers. The previous owner made one of the dormers into a small, Flowers in the Attic bedroom, and the other just makes it easier to get to the fan. I had noticed they were cut, but since it’s not my field, I didn’t realize at the time that’s a big no-no. I couldn’t sleep well for a few days thinking the roof would collapse on us, though lord only knows how long it’s been that way.

  2. I have seen my crawlspace for the same reason. I had a squirel in there. Only when I saw him scaddle did I learn the renovators hadn’t sealed the sides of the corners to the roof when they put gutters on! Once I sealed them with foam and bricks, I had no squirrels.

  3. In Blagden:

    Had similar problem. Contractor did not put soffit vents in, just stuffed insulation in the gap between roof and back wall. 6 to 12 inches. Amazingly, no critters, and I found it after 30 years.

    20 feet of ceiling drywall practice, putting in proper vents and sealing rest. A bit more installation, too, but that wasn’t bad.

    If you’ve got the hole in the roof, really look around, perhaps with help

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