Pick me! Pick me! I want one!

The Post announced where some of the crime prevention cameras are going. One at the 400 block of O Street, is close to the borders of the TC, but not in it. Come on, we want one. Just one. Okay, maybe two.
Reading DCist it seems Georgetown wants a camera too. Not to be disrespectful, but call back when you have an open air drug market and street hos.

8 thoughts on “Pick me! Pick me! I want one!”

  1. I want crime to be eliminated too, but I dont believe this is the best approach.

    We dont have enough cops, not enough money and too much crime. What shall we do? Sinking funds into the illusion of security isnt going to cut it.

    This is a waste of resources; 2 million on cameras, and let the tapes roll with no one to watch.

    Oh, and as per the law of unintended circumstances, the dealers and murderers will retreat from these main corners, and head deeper into neighborhoods. Threatening kids and residents at large.

    Here is a question, if cops know that these areas are bad, and are in need of a camera, why cant they police the area, and weed out the criminal element?

  2. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we wait to see what they look like, get a local artsy type to fashion a look-a-like and then post it sometime in the early AM when no one’s around. That, or just post “This area is under video surveillance” in a few select places.

    Or, just get a beat cop at a fraction of the cost and probably twice the impact.

  3. I like your math Truxtonian. Zero impact from the cameras times 2 equals zero impact from the beat cop, same as we get now.


  4. The beauty of it, Justin, is that we’d get zero impact at a much higher cost than our current zero impact.

    I’m suprised the DC Council didnt come up with this brilliant idea.

  5. Since I am a government worker I see your logic. The zero impact is therefore not because maximum resources were not expended. It must be some other problem, like our sorry butts needing too much protection from thugs or something. Its a problem with the constituency, not because the government did not try its hardest.


  6. DC has plenty of cops, they just aren’t effective. Part of that is MPD’s culture, part of it is that DC law that every time they make an arrest, they are put on a type of “administrative inquiry” status for excessive force until they are cleared. They had a thing about it on the local news a few weeks ago. Another typical DC joke, & the thugs know it. Until DC gets on the right side of the crime equation, expect more of the same. Citizens, victims & police have lower priority in DC than thugs & criminals. Why isn’t there a 3 strikes law? Why isn’t the penalty for an unregistered handgun made more severe? Why is the DC jail catch-and-release? We can call 3/911 all we want, but until DC gets serious about these thugs, they’ll be back on your corner before you know it.

  7. Every corner store and bank has a camera, and they still get criminalized every day.

    Not only will the cameras have an extremely minimal impact, if any at all, on criminal reduction (just relocation), they create a negative atmosphere in the neighborhoods. Just walking the dog we’ll be getting that same feeling we get while trying on new clothes in a fitting room of a department store – like someone is watching our every move.

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