This shouldn’t be, not in America

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I may or may not go into more detail when/if I do the abrv. BACA meeting minutes, but something came up. Several weeks ago, probably over a month ago, a resident was attacked and robbed by someone on a bike, possibly a young AfAm male with dreadlocks, sending the resident to hospital. The resident victim is an immigrant with limited English skills. The police failed to take care of this matter. It took the efforts of his American neighbors to try to find some justice. The matter should have been taken care of by the MPD’s specialized units for particular immigrant/ ethnic groups. American neighbors had to cut through the inertia of the police just to find a little help.
Whatever your problems with immigration, legal or otherwise, this is wrong. There is no open season on ESL immigrants and there never should be.
Actually, the crimes by young men on bikes needs to stop. Immigrants haven’t been the only victims, people have been attacked and harassed up in the Eckington areas as well. The criminals perpetrating these crimes have no excuse, and those who make excuses for them are just as bad.

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2 thoughts on “This shouldn’t be, not in America”

  1. Crime is Crime is Crime. It shouldnt matter if the victim is white, brown or purple. It is still amazing to me the “apparent” lack of drive for MPD to do the right thing. If the specialty units arent called into help in these situations, then what is their purpose?

    As for the biker guys, I saw a few last night on my way back to Eckington from Shaw metro. Definately had my eyes on them the whole time. Not because I know them to be bad people, but because the risk existed.

  2. Are these groups of people on bikes, or just individuals?

    From someone who rides a bike frequently, the trick in slowing down or subduing a person on a bike is to get them off the bike. They are especially vulnerable while saddling the bike, and can be easily put off balance or knocked down. Grab the rear tire and lift, and it delivers a nice message to the groin/prostate area as well.

    Of course, avoid this when there is a group of bikers, but keep in mind their mobility is limited on rugged ground. Then run into someone’s yard and scream!

    There is a very responsive gay and lesbian liason unit of the MPD:

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