2006 DC Flood

My basement is okay. Okay in the sense that I don’t have to lift my ankle length skirts. There is water in there, but the dehumidifer is going and the sump pump is working so all is well. Once the rain stops the basement will be dryish in a day.
I do remember the August 2001 flood that destroyed several of my neighbors’ basments. The water runoff joined the sewage in the ancient pipes and overflowed. Their toilets and drains in the basements backed up and cause a lot of damage as many of them had apartments and full fledged living quarters down there.
Of course, in 2001 I don’t remember so much other stuff around town flooding. The National Archives downtown is closed, OPM has an unscheduled leave for today because so much has been disturbed downtown. I don’t remember Metro having to close stations in 2001. All this is new and worrying.
As long as the electricity holds up I’ll be fine.

2 thoughts on “2006 DC Flood”

  1. I would never compare DC to NO. But do y’all have a rat problem? I’ve been told it’s like a scene from Willard in some buildings downtown.

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