3 little kittens

…are sitting in my living room. In a cage. Angry. Frightened. I swear the tuxedo kitten is saying, “beycth I’m gonna keeel yooo.”
Momma cat is still out there and man is she smart. She figured how to trip the trap without being inside.

4 thoughts on “3 little kittens”

  1. That is great news Marie! Make sure you hug them and make them feel safe. Since you brought the trap inside you are almost a cat owner now. Which one of the 3 will you take? If you kept all of them then there is no decision.


  2. I’d like to have ALL of them adopted off. I’m thinking of launching a “they don’t pay rent- get these cats outta my house campaign”.
    Besides, I’m going to begin construction some time in the future (financing still to be worked out) and I plan to move out. The fewer complications the better.

  3. Is the same foster dad taking these guys too?

    Give them a smooch for me.


  4. You could consider unconditional love towards you the rent. I could give you the names of about 10 guys back home in New Jersey who could offer you “financing”.


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