Kittens on rug

Kittens on rug 2
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After work I put cat food in the white bowl that sits in the cat trap. These are the kittens I need t trap. Good thing is that one ran into the cage when I approached. If I hadn’t made it hard to shut the trap I could have trapped one kitten at a time. And I saw Momma. Momma was definately “Momma” as I saw her underside.

5 thoughts on “Kittens on rug”

  1. “Kitty-kitty mokakko smoogins mooky poogums.”

    That’s what I’d say every time I saw them.

    But sorry, I am the only furry animal allowed in my rental unit.

  2. Our old beloved tuxedo alley kitty died last fall, and we have been on the lookout for a new one! Are there any boys, particularly ones with “personality”? Can you post something about how to get in touch with the kitty fosters?

  3. Z-
    The one streching out I call Deskat (or Descartes when I’m not trying to put the “cat” in it) is the only tuxedo cat of the bunch. Personality wise, Deskat is very inquistive. Yesterday I left my door open to let in some air and he/ she and Momma wandered into my kitchen.
    Note: They haven’t been “trapped” yet.

  4. the father of the colony behind ks/rk/moon liquors on florida is a male, problably a former housecat, with an awesome personality. However, I would insist you take his youngest daughter, a mostly black, very small cat. Both can be picked up, are very friendly, & have been trapped, neutered & returned. They could be gotten via a cat carrier, but I think you’d have to keep them together because they bond. let me know if you’re interested

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