Kittens in the alley update

Thanks to Marty and Emily for putting out traps, providing food, and picking up the caught kitties. Thanks also to Justin and Lindy for providing traps.
Well we got two cats. First capture was one of the kittens on Saturday. Later that night or very early Sunday morning “Momma” was captured. Yet, it was discovered that “Momma” wasn’t “Momma” ,she was a he. Why a male cat is hanging with a bunch of kittens? I don’t know. Could be that there is a female cat that is also black and white (yeah, they’re all black and white) that is around. Well “Uncle” or “Poppa” has been snipped and clipped (ear clipped). The kitten is being fostered by someone who needed a companion for another fostered kitten.
Now the goal is to get the other 3 kittens, that have not been captured used to the cage being around and eating wet food. I had been leaving out dry food (what do I know, I’ve only raised dogs) but they are supposed to really like the wet. So hopefully, I can capture the kittens and get them in a foster home so they may be adoptable.

3 thoughts on “Kittens in the alley update”

  1. Yay, Marie! I’ve been wondering about the outcome. Hope the rest get caught soon, and if you can get mama, you will be home free. Good news.

    I have also put out the word to some friend that it’s kitten time.


  2. This is great news. Congratulations. Were you able to get an age estimate on the little fuzzies. My alley cats are cheering their kin’s rescue from the streets.

  3. I have no idea about the age. I am really not a cat person. On the other hand I can’t tell with dogs either.

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