I propose “Annoy a teen for good” day

Walking home one day I ran into one of the neighborhood teenagers, also walking home, and began some light chit-chat. In the course of conversation I discovered he’s a Junior and will be a Senior when the school year starts up again. “So, what are you going to do after school?” I asked. The answer was to get as far away from home. My cousins had the same idea, but that’s another topic. “Maybe college” he said and rattled off a couple of places he thought would be interesting, NYU, something in Boston, Florida. I pounced at Florida, being a University of Florida grad myself (GO GATORS!). I started selling the idea of UF and how it is a good (and way more affordable) school, the weather, what dorms he should look into, etc.
After we parted ways, I thought I should annoy more teens, particularly Juniors about college. Well my college, ’cause that’s what I know. And if not college, because it may not be for everyone, a trade. But then, I don’t actually know that many older teens. The kids I know are around 14 or younger. Too young to bug about college.
If I see him again today, or tomorrow, I think I’ll bug him again about Florida.

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  1. Hello

    I think that a 14 year old will likely forget any details you might share. However, for some kids they need to be exposed to the concept of college or a trade school. For many by the time they are juniors it may be to late for the college prep courses, summer enrichment programs etc. Also, a conversation about college from a non-parent, non-teacher may help the teen (pre-teen) pay more attention when guidance counselors and the like offer up opportunities.


  2. I think its always important to try and steer young adults towards the light of Gator Nation. If you don’t they could end up becoming Criminoles. ORANGE

  3. Mari, being a fellow gator, I would guess you get the underlining FL State bashing that my husband is making. But I also wanted to comment because I volunteer at Maya Angelou Public Charter School and I think it’s really important for teens to explore the idea of a college for who they are. I quickly realized that a lot of them aren’t focused on college/trades because no one talks to them about their future in particular. Being engaged by an adult that is not an “authority” (school or parent), might make them think about their future more because it’s not rote conversation. So kudos to you!

  4. Neighbors don’t let neighbors go to FSU.
    I may speak of college or trade school into conversations with kids, should it come up.

  5. You’re doing a wonderful thing. It’s never too early to let young people know that someone has high expections for their future.

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