Dear Political Minions

Don’t do stupid stuff.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty.
I was with a bunch of neighbors and one of the topics that came up was mayoral runners Candidate X and Candidate Y. There were supporters of Candidate Y who reported that when Candidate X and X’s minions came by, some minions were spotted taking Y’s yard signs and replacing them with X’s. Now if the yard sign change occurred without the express permission of the yard’s owner, that would be very, very wrong. Didn’t the minions think this through? If you support Y and your Y for Mayor sign is replaced by X, wouldn’t you tell your neighbors and everyone else? This would then reflect badly on X, particularly for something small and petty. Instead of taking and replacing signs on PRIVATE PROPERTY X’s minions should have done what candidate Z has done and just plaster PUBLIC property with Z’s signs. Yeah, it is easy to guess who Z is.
It is unknown if Candidates W’s or V’s signs were touched at all.