Small jobs for kids

Help me out here. This was a small discussion in the comments section so I want to expand it a bit here. Can you think of small jobs you can have neighborhood kids to do? So far on my list are:
1. Rake leaves
2. Pick up trash
3. Water plants
4. Sweeping up the sidewalk or alley

When I was living in Logan Circle I also paid kids to get stuff from the Giant. That requires you giving them money and demanding a receipt. Also you have to know if they are allowed to go that far (or to cross certain streets) by their mom, or else you could get into trouble.
I have heard of other people paying kids to wash their car. Not any major detailing work, just soap and water and circular motions.
Part of a hesitancy with assigning some jobs depends on how well I know the kids’ parents and the kids. Another part is the risk factor of a job not done well. Will the kids step on the wrong plants? Will the task mess up what they are wearing and get his/her mother angry with me? Is the kid allowed to cross this street or go this far from the house?
So any suggestions you have to add? Pointers?

2 thoughts on “Small jobs for kids”

  1. We had some of the kids on our street help plant seeds. Basically, I was out planting and they, being the curious scamps they are, wanted to know what the heck I was doing. 10 minutes later they’re wrist deep in potting soil. I felt a bit like Tom Sawyer since they were fighting over who got to play with dirt next, but I gave ’em a couple of bucks for the effort.

  2. I’m thinking maybe a job where I have young boys picking out nightcrawlers from my compost. I swear I have enough worms to open a bait shop.

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