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Now I have admitted I’m not a huge fan of bars, but for some silly reason I do have a greater respect for pubs. Yes, ABC license-wise they may be the same as a bar and like a bar they can produce folks who come out after last call loudly wandering your neighborhood looking for a place to piss or their car. But like restaurants, which I really like, they are known for their food like shepherd’s pie. Umm, shepherd’s pie. Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and lamb stew. I have been the UK enough to appreciate a pub culture that is truly communal that you don’t age out of, that you remain a part of regardless if you have kids (hey, bring them too, but in the day) and actually fosters conversation (I don’t know how you can hold a conversation with poptunes blasting). Anyway, according to Metrocurean there is an “Irish” restaurant/pub coming to the edge of Shaw.
The Duffy’s Website is no longer aiming for a April ’06 opening. It now says “Opening very Soon! Keep checking back for Grand Opening info!”

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  1. Its great to hear that we’re getting an Irish Pub close by. I’m with you, the pluses of a nice neighborhood pub far outweigh any negatives. Throughout the UK and Ireland almost everyone is a part of pub culture, and its nice.

    If it suits you, I’d check out the Saloon on U around 12th street. No music, warm atmosphere, everyone must sit, good food and great beer.

    Too bad this sort of establishment can’t be pulled off on 9th street — yet.

    Maybe when “thinking of the children” and stopping the “moral degredation of the neighborhood” are just about real neighborhood problems (drugs, gangs, prostitution, boozing in the streets, seedy liquor stores, abandoned buildings) instead of made up ones (nice establishments getting their liquor licenses) we will.

  2. I want to open a bar/beer garden at R & NJ Avenue where that Dave’s Seafood carryout is. How sweet would that patio be to have a few beers outdoors? (not the kind served in brown paper bags, we already have plenty of that)

    Never gonna happen for a thousand reasons, but I can dream. I’ll settle for a short walk to EC-12 and that new Irish Pub though.

  3. The Dave’s Seafood location has a lot of potential. There is a huge sidewalk, and a vacant building attached. Of course I don’t know how the people next door would feel about a biergarten so close. Remember some of us have crappy 150 year old insulation or no insulation.

  4. Yea, the noise and the neighbors is 1 of my 1000s of reasons it’s not going to happen. But it would be great if that place were something other than the carryout it is today.

  5. I was waiting for Mari to post something to which I could reply about the Dave’s Seafood location. It is _perfect_ for a casual dining spot.

    It is no coincidence that several people have had the same thought.

    As for noise in adjacent homes: The entire structure to the West of the carry-out place is vacant (and needs a lot of work). I imagine that Dave’s and the vacant adjacent properties would come as one parcel.

    As for the homes on the North – It would be very simple to sound-proof that wall. There are many, many materials and techniques to choose from to isolate sound:

    Don’t count that location out quite yet. NJ Ave is on the upswing; nearby 5th St has some massive renovation projects underway, the Yale Steam Laundry project is in full swing, and the Metro is nearby.

  6. I live next to Dave’s Seafood. You have my blessing, anything but that nasty place would be better.

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