Lota milage for a dead horse: church parking

I nearly laughed stuff out of my nose when I read on DCist that Logan Circle churches are holding a rally this Sunday (April 23) at 2pm in protest of the enforcement of parking rules. Okay, maybe I just found it funny.
I have a solution. It’s this thing. I call it. Public Transportation. In Maryland there is this place called PG Plaza Metro. It has a parking garage. And. There is a station called U Street, and another called Shaw/Howard University, and another called Mt. Vernon Square, one could walk from one of those stations to the church of one’s choice. And there are the buses. Oh, the buses! I use a bus to get to my place of worship as the neighborhood it is in is famous for it’s lack of parking. Sometimes I see other people, dressed in their Sunday best also, believe it or not, going to church, on the bus. I kid you not. Go to the Metro website and check out all the options.
Now you may flick your hand at the notion of, bah, public transit and cry, what of the disabled and the old? And I say, I wasn’t aware you had such a large mission targeting the diabled. When I pass by a lot of your parishioners looked liked they could walk. Actually I noticed a lot of your parishioners had nice cars and very nice clothes so I’m sure they can pony up the money for a senior van.
Well I might see you at the rally.

Something in the water

I swear there is something in the water because it seems like every week I find out another couple in the ‘hood is pregnant. Congrats, and I will pray for healthy and safe pregnancies for you all.
But lets get to the heart of the matter, kids. Will I still see you all in 5 years? As adults we are willing to take on certain headaches and annoyances, like small spaces and the noise and etc. Yet, as I’ve heard, “you change the baby and the baby changes you.” Will the changes include living in the city?
Anyway, there is a Yahoo group forming, or formed, for expecting and new parents for Ledroit Park and surrounding areas (like the TC) called DCParents.