State of the 5th Ward


Please be reminded of the below activity that takes place this evening at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church.


Jim Berry

Ward Five Convention and The State of the Ward Address – Wednesday, April 12, 2006!

Council Member Vincent Orange is sponsoring a Ward Five Convention and State of the Ward Address on 4/12/2006, from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, 610 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E. In addition to Mr. Orange’s address, entitled “A Blue Print for the Future,” an opportunity will be given for attendees to meet the numerous candidates to replace Council Member Orange as the Ward Five Representative on the DC City Council and the Dunbar Senior High School Marching Band will be featured. For more information concerning this event, you may call Linda Perkins at (202) 724-8076.

Snake story- no actual snakes involved

I’ve been told that the last person you want to be is the third person to disturb a snake. The first person to disturb a snake wakes up and surprises the snake and annoys it. The second person to come along and disturbs the snake pisses it off even more. The snake realizes this is a trend and is ready for the third person.
I was thinking of this story the other day when working in my front yard. What am I doing in my front yard? I have no clue, I’m figuring it out as I go along. Devon, who is about 4 or 5, visiting his grandma wandered by and asked if I needed any help. Oh, no, I had nothing for him to do, and figuring out what a young person can do (and the supervision) is a job in itself. Besides, I had no money and the kids around here don’t always do things for free. Then a fellow visiting someone noticed from his car and jokingly asked if I needed any help. I jokingly brushed off his offer. Then a third guy, passing by stopped at the gate. He mentioned that he did some landscaping work. I knew where this was heading. And at this point I was annoyed, but more at the idea that people think I can’t do this work myself, than at a guy wanting a job/handout. He hung out at my gate a good while. Long silences do not bother me. I feel no need to fill them. So the guy finally did get around to asking for a handout.