Snake story- no actual snakes involved

I’ve been told that the last person you want to be is the third person to disturb a snake. The first person to disturb a snake wakes up and surprises the snake and annoys it. The second person to come along and disturbs the snake pisses it off even more. The snake realizes this is a trend and is ready for the third person.
I was thinking of this story the other day when working in my front yard. What am I doing in my front yard? I have no clue, I’m figuring it out as I go along. Devon, who is about 4 or 5, visiting his grandma wandered by and asked if I needed any help. Oh, no, I had nothing for him to do, and figuring out what a young person can do (and the supervision) is a job in itself. Besides, I had no money and the kids around here don’t always do things for free. Then a fellow visiting someone noticed from his car and jokingly asked if I needed any help. I jokingly brushed off his offer. Then a third guy, passing by stopped at the gate. He mentioned that he did some landscaping work. I knew where this was heading. And at this point I was annoyed, but more at the idea that people think I can’t do this work myself, than at a guy wanting a job/handout. He hung out at my gate a good while. Long silences do not bother me. I feel no need to fill them. So the guy finally did get around to asking for a handout.

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  1. They don’t think you can’t do the work yourself, they just want the handout. I get this all the time. I HATE working in my front yard for this reason. Just put on some headphones and ignore them. Or ask them why a “professional” landscaper isn’t out working on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Plus, you can’t even leave your yard for a second because the minute the vultures see a few shovels and rakes in the yard they are hovering around waiting for you to make the mistake of leaving the tools even for a second.

    See ya later.


  2. Yeah, one of the new guys on the block redid his house and mentioned how guys would come by “looking for a job” when they saw him painting or whatever. It’s one of the downsides.
    Besides I like people who come with a recommendation.

  3. That’s when you grab your Pulaski* and start chopping at things and muttering under your breath. They’ll go away soon enough.

    Many people don’t know that in addition to a bite, many snakes will poop on you if you pick them up. And their poop stinks like rotten fish and it is more traumatic to be pooped on by a snake than bitten by one, in my opinion. And the stink takes forever to wash off too.

    *The pulaski is a special tool that combines an axe and a mattock. It is considered one of the most versatile tools for constructing firebreaks as it can be used to both dig soil and chop wood.

  4. Any way I had a cultivator with me and not my pickax looking thing. Strangly the kids, or young boys under the age of 10 seem to want to chat when I have the dangerous tools.

  5. I’m still trying to rid myself of the non-edible stuff in the yard. I’m starting some thyme and savory inside. If I can get out to Benhke’s (way, way, way out on Rt 1) I may pick up some oregano and other herbs to fill in some spots.

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