100,000 protesters

Okay the green line from Greenbelt is mobbed with protesters for the immigration law thing and they are all going to Union Station. Also, many of them are wearing white shirts. If you use Union Station…. AVOID, it is more than likely a mad house, like it was last time. I know my station was mobbed with people in line for the metrocard machines.
Take the bus if possible. The 96 to Ellington Bridge will get you to the western edge of Truxton Circle on NJ Ave. The Circulator… I don’t know. The 80 to Ft. Totten and the Psomething P1, P6 I forget, going to Rhode Island goes up North Capitol.

One thought on “100,000 protesters”

  1. Yes the trains were a mess many people had to wait 4 or 5 trains just to squeeze aboard yesterday. Congress needs to pass tougher laws and get it over with. This is one issue that you cannot swing both ways on.

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