Loud cell phone guy….

…lives on my block and has this habit of yelling at his associates in his back yard. The weekend there was loud yelling and cursing on one party’s part in the alley starting at 7AM. He went on till about 2-3PM, but took a lunch break. ‘Cause you know, all that yelling takes energy.
During most of the one sided yelling, I decided to work in the front yard. When it was time to work in the rear, there was the yelling. Was he yelling at or yelling with? Loud Cell Phone Guy is several, several doors down and yeah, that loud. I couldn’t take working to the sound of him, so I brought out my little boom box (MP3 player is in the shop) and played classical music. That helped.

4 thoughts on “Loud cell phone guy….”

  1. Um Eagar… your announcement has been moved to the announcement page. But for future reference email me first if you want to announce something.

  2. Let me help you construct a small catapult that lobs rotten cabbages into the yards of loud cell phone people.

  3. people actually made an effort not to disturb other people around them. A person would go into a thing called a "phone booth" when they wanted to make a telephone call in public. Moviegoers kept talking down to a whisper during a movie and the only phone available was out in the lobby. In the oldest of days, theaters even had a "cry room" for infants and their mothers so as not to disturb everyone else.

  4. Well, this is new in the type of comment spam. A legit comment with an ilicit user link. I'll keep this one, but new ones get squashed.

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