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Researchers at Howard University are seeking Black participants who live in the Shaw/U Street neighborhood for a study of news media.

Date: April 8, 2006, April 11, 2006 and
April 13, 2006

Time: Contact research to schedule appointment

Location: Kennedy Center
1410 7th Street, NW

The investigators are trying to learn more about the viewing habits and responses of Black news audiences. We are especially seeking those who watch or read some form of news on a regular basis. The study will require participants to take part in a 30-minute interview. Participants’ confidentiality will be maintained. Participants will receive no payment for taking part.

For more information or to indicate interest in volunteering, please contact: Jerry Crawford at 804-731-7229 /,
Jamila Cupid at 516-984-4857 /, or
Dr. Carolyn M. Byerly 202-806-5121 /,
John H. Johnson School of Communication, Howard University.