Still early but thoughts on some candidates

Good news it has been reported by our Eckington brethren that Councilman Adrian Fenty (yes still a lovely cup of cocoa) is supporting the plan to allow for the transition of Emery from taking all comers to just serving homeless men with jobs. It seems that someone pointed out that the shelter is not downtown but in a residential neighborhood. And highlighted the notion of sex offenders being housed next door to a facility with a Head Start program. Yet, I’ve seen questions of if there are actually any sex offenders at the Emery shelter, considering they take all sorts it is a strong possibility.
Anyway we know that 3 of the council members are running for mayor, Fenty, Linda Cropp, and the Orange. Y’all know how I feel about Fenty, but he’s not just a pretty face. I admire his energy and his responsiveness to residents. Linda Cropp. If the elections were held today and just based on yard signs, she’d win. There are a lot of red Cropp signs in my hood. She’s got experience and knows the city government. What one can hold against her is that same experience and familiarity with District government. Then there is the Orange. Vincent Orange. A neighbor pointed out that for three years he didn’t even acknowledge the NW section of Ward 5. My problem, it seems that he is out of touch with reality and residents. When he started his campaign I was wondering who among the residents is supporting this guy as a viable candidate? Where is his base? Businesses, contractors, can only vote with their dollars but what about those with votes that really count? When listening to people (voters) I hear support for Cropp, Fenty and Marie Johns.
Oh and then there is Marie Johns. Former telephone exec. I am worried about her lack of elected office experience. I have a preference for folks who have had to deal with consituents, some who have opposing needs.
Michael Brown? He seems like a nice guy. He’s got all the right connections. I just don’t feel any excitement.
She’s not running but I’ve seen a pattern, so I ask the Republicans of Washington, DC to please, please, please don’t force Councilwoman Carol Schwartz to run for mayor, again. It just seems cruel. Find someone else. Don’t put her through this again, and again. Come on there must be someone in your ranks who can run instead.
Speaking of running again, and again, there is Faith. Chick with a horn. You can usually count on her to run, ever hopeful that this time, this time she’ll have a chance. With so many on the ballot, hey you never know.