I have a leak somewhere in my bathroom. I thought I had conquered it. But alas no. In my hallway there is a quarter-sized brown spot in the ceiling. After one shower I had gone downstairs and noticed a drip-drip sound. The drip was coming from the ceiling and I figured it related to the shower.
So I ran the cold and hot water to figure out if it was coming from one of the pipes. No. Then I changed the shower head setting, to relieve some of the pressure from the other setting. Nothing happened. I figured it was all good. Then this morning, drip-drip-drip.
The bathroom has a lot of crackhead design problems. And I was hoping to wait till I got a new job/position (it’s kind of up in the air until the end of the year) before doing a big gut job on the house. I want to just completely redo the bathroom and I don’t want to invest too heavily in it before gutting it. But I’m going to have to call a plumber, but I need to see where the leak is coming from. So I’ll run some tests tonight.